Lesson 1- Decide to Rethink Your relationship or Marriage

The goal of this lesson is to help men understand better how they can emotionally connect with their unhappy wives rather than withdrawing into silence or stonewalling. This lesson will take you from emotional distance and arguing to more peace and less criticism by your wife that she is snot getting from you what he needs emotionally.

Let’s be honest. You probably were raised (like me) that being being “emotionally close” is not a masculine quality or value; most men don;t judge their relationship with other men or colleagues on the basis of emotional closeness. This is considered a “feminine” characteristic because it requires something called “vulnerability” which is decidedly not very masculine in the traditional “patriarchal’ system of marriage.



Let’s take the case of Juan and Roberta who have 2 children and married for 10 years. Roberta more or less gave Juan an ultimatuum to go to therapy – or else the relationship may not survive. Juan is no tthat unhappy in the marriage. His unhappiness occurs mostly because Roberta is unhappy.