How is Passive-Aggression Harmful To Your Relationship?

How can this impact your marriage or relationship?
Passive-Aggression can corrode the emotional bond in your marriage because

  • It is not honest.
  • The underlying hostility remains to re-emerge again.
  • The underlying issue does not get resolved.
  • It frustrates your partner to the limit who wants now to retaliate.

The goal of most marriages is to develop a securely functioning relationship with each other, with a feeling that you have each other’s back and can trust and depend on each other. Honest, direct expression of anger or frustration is a hallmark of a healthy relationship and healthy communication.

Passive-aggressive expressions of anger, on the other hand, have the opposite goals. The last thing a partner can do is feel secure that they can depend on their passive-aggressive partner. Rather than feeling that the partner has your back, you may be fearful that he/she will stab you in the back.

A passive-aggressive person in the home often causes the partner to turn into someone no body likes- including the partner who may not like themselves as they try to cope with the passive-aggressive.

As the partner of a passive-aggressive, you may begin to “over-function” in your home because “somebody has to do it.” The more you do, the more you may resent it. As you begin to run on fumes you become more furious at your passive-aggressive partner for being unreliable and insensitive.

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