Decide To Deal With Resentment
ACKNOWLEDGE the issue causing resentment
REMEMBER skills that work for you
EXECUTE a plan to forgive, or ask forgiveness

Understanding resentment

Anger expressed as resentment

Resentment is a form of anger that may not show up easily as raging anger. It often lays beneath the surface of a relationship, ready to strike. It is not the elephant in the room as much as the snake in the room.

Resentment often just sits there looking innocent as it smiles at you, but underneath it is boiling and stewing. It spends much time plotting revenge or getting even. Eventually it blocks or destroys love. In some intimate relationships, it often kills sexual desire.

What is resentment exactly? It is best defined as bitter indignation at having been treated unfairly.

It starts with a grievance which turns into an injustice in our minds. And then if we can’t forgive the injustice it continues to live as a resentment.

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